Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Charles Dickens' 200th Birthday and Me

I woke up in the morning, started my PC, opened Google Chrome, suddenly i  saw a google doodle. This one was for the occasion of Charles Dickens 200th Birthday . I clicked on the doodle and a google books page opened up and then i read names like A Christmas Carol , Great Expectations , Oliver Twist ,etc. I had heard about some of them, had seen movies and i had read a very common novella "A Christmas Carol", which i read as a part of my textbook in school.

What i like the most about google doodle is that it helps in giving new info and even reminding us of what we already know but have forgotten. This doodle is going to have an effect on me as well as the making of this post. I know that now i am going to read a few stories or novels or i would watch movies on them instead, which i like more. I hope i motivate someone else also to read the creations of one of the Greatest writers of English Literature.

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