Thursday, March 24, 2011

Typing in Your Desired Language

For all those who want to type in their desired language, solution is here. And you need not memorize the word on keyboard that would put the desired alphabet. Rather you are just supposed to type as we do it in SMS's.

Following easy steps are to be followed:-

1. Type "Indic" in google .
2. Open "Type in Hindi - Google Transliteration" .
3. Click on "Download Google Transliteration IME" in the top right corner.
4. Click on "Choose Your  IME Language" and choose your desired language.
5. Click on "Download Google IME".
6. Open the downloaded file.
7. Click on "Run".
8. Click on "Continue".
9. Let the Installer download the needed files.
10. Click on the box in front of "I accept the terms of use in 'End User License Agreement".
11. Click on "Next".
 12. Click of "Finish".
13. Click on "Close".
14. Check if there is an "EN" sign in the right bottom corner of the screen.
(If it is then everything is done right)
15. Click on "EN" and then Click on the icon other than "EN" such as "HI". (In case of Hindi)
16. Now open any thing such as Facebook and again do the Step 15.
17. Now you can use "Google IME".
18. Just Type any word as you would do it in a SMS, such as type "Surj", press Space-bar and you will get "सूरज". Or type "Swaraj", press Space-bar and you will get "स्वराज"

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